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VSF Ambassador Application

Apply to become and ambassador for any event on the tour. Application below.

Vegan Street Fair Rainbow Logo

We have 50 spots (some with swag bags) for ambassadors at any of the Vegan Street Fair events taking place in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Oakland, Denver, Austin, and Las Vegas. You'll need at least 5000 followers to be considered for an ambassadorship.

If accepted, you will get a media badge and a fast pass to access lines faster. This pass DOES NOT include food or beverage. As an ambassador, you will receive:

  • a Fast Pass (food & beverage not included)

  • a VSF tour tee shirt

  • recognition as an ambassador on our social media promos & website

  • a swag bag if your followers are over 10k (you will be on camera enjoying your snacks at the event!)

  • 2 Fast Passes to give away to your followers in your respective city

Because we only have 50 spots available, requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis but may NOT be approved until several weeks before the event.

As an ambassador, you will:

  • Share about the event leading up to it

  • Run a give away for your followers for 2 Fast Passes to the city that you'll be corresponding for

  • Do at least 1 live and several post shares during and after the event through IG and/ or Tik Tok (details to follow)

  • Be on camera if accepted for a swag bag going through your bag for social media posting after the event

  • Share to your followers that you are an official ambassador for your city

All blogs, vlogs and social media accounts must be veg-friendly to be considered.

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