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Vegan Street Fair LA

SATURDAY & SUNDAY MARCH 26th & 27th, 2022


11223 Chandler Blvd




SATURDAY & SUNDAY OCT 8th & 9th, 2022


11223 Chandler Blvd





(These events are not Vegan Street Fair)


North Hollywood & Santa Clarita, CA


FAQs about Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights, & Vegan Exchange

I’m a vendor looking to join the Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights or Vegan Exchange family… where can I apply?

Feel free to pre-apply for Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights HERE. You can apply for Vegan Exchange HERE.

Are all of your events free entry?

As of 2020, Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights and Vegan Exchange events are 100% free to enter. For Vegan Street Fair in March & VSF Nights on Labor Day Weekend, there are several paid Fast Pass options for getting through food lines faster plus other perks, otherwise, its completely free to enter.

What's the difference between Vegan Street Fair and VSF Nights?

Believe it or not, as of 2020, the only difference is between two events is that Vegan Street Fair takes place during the day and is annual every March while VSF Nights takes place at night and is annual every Labor Day Weekend. They are both NOW FREE ENTRY!

What time should I arrive?

EARLY (we are serious)! Vendors do sell out towards the end of all of our events so arrive early to take full advantage of what our vendors have to offer.

Are dogs (or goats or cats or snakes, etc) allowed at any of your events?

As much as we adore dogs and all animals- we are ethical vegans after all- unfortunately, no. Those are not our rules. We just need you to help us abide by them. :) As many people as we can reach with the vegan message, every ESA, companion animals, and therapy dog that shows up at Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights and Vegan Sunday lessens our chances of abiding by health department rules and then not be invited back. SO… ultimately, since we know you care about turning the whole world vegan, we know you’ll understand and you’ll keep your ESA, companion animals, and therapy dogs at home so that we can all collectively keep going strong on our mission.

How do I get to Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights or Vegan Exchange Events?

We highly encourage the use of public transportation as much as you are able and secondly ride shares and car pools. We purposefully place our events near places accessible for people from all walks of life. Its a great day to take advantage of what your city has to offer.

How do I pay vendors?

You pay vendors directly with cash or credit. ATMs will be available on site for Vegan Street Fair and VSF Nights and on occasion at Vegan Sunday.

How do I eat it all?

There are few ways to eat it all:

  • Tupperware
  • Divide and conquer- bring friends, split up into separate lines, share what you bought so you can eat more
  • Arrive early
  • For Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights - Purchase Fast Passes, Single Use Passes, or Passports to skip long lines

Do you have other tips for my time at VSF?

Yes we sure do! And you can also use some of these tips for VSF Nights & Vegan Exchange though we won't have a beer garden (yet) at the weekly events and vendors won't have $4 bites... Otherwise, the rest is yours for the taking!

I bought a Fast Pass and/ or a Passport for Vegan Street Fair... where do I pick up my wristband?

Pick up your Fast Passes and/ or Passport at the VSF Fast Pass Lounge at 11027 Chandler Blvd between Blakeslee Ave and Vineland Ave. This is not in the same place as it has been in years past, so definitely map it to be sure you are going to the right location.

I bought a Fast Pass with Swag Bag at Vegan Street Fair... where do I pick up my swag bag?

Pick up your Fast Passes and/ or Swag Bags at the VSF Fast Pass Lounge at 11027 Chandler Blvd between Blakeslee Ave and Vineland Ave. This is not in the same place as it has been in years past, so definitely map it to be sure you are going to the right location.
DO NOT PICK YOUR BAG UP UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO LEAVE! Every single Swag Bag Holder has a bag so you will get one. Do not worry! You don't want to carry this monstrosity of a bag with you around all day. Trust us!

How do I use my Fast Pass wristband at Vegan Street Fair?

Each prepared food and beverage vendor will have a general line and a Fast Pass line. Look for it when you arrive and make the line for the Fast Pass. That's it. :) You can only purchase 2 items at a time at each Fast Pass line.

How do I use my Passport at Vegan Street Fair?

  • You'll pick up your Passport and wristband at the Fast Pass tent.
  • Every Passport MUST be accompanied by a Fast Pass Wristband (vendors will check when you present yours at their booths).
  • The Passport entitles you to 1 (one) $4 item from each vendor listed depending on which you purchase.
  • Make the Fast Pass line at the vendor of your choosing and once at the window, present your Passport to the cashier. They will double check that you haven't already redeemed/ stamped their square, and will stamp it for you then hand you your item.
  • That's it! Once you collect all of your stamps, hold onto the passport as a memento of your awesome time at Vegan Street Fair!

Do all of your events feature a beer garden?

Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights absolutely do. All 21+ folks can enjoy adult libations at The Federal's beer garden. Vegan Exchange does NOT have a beer garden... yet.

Will there be performances?

Vegan Exchange will feature karaoke. Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights are played by live DJs throughout the event. Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights feature stilt walkers, balloon artists, face painters, hoopers, and all sorts of amazing performers throughtout the event. We don't normally have bands at our events though, so if you're looking to play at our event, we're sorry but we don't have any bands there at this time. Thanks!

Are your events family friendly?

All of our events are 100% family friendly and all ages.

Will there be food when I arrive?

Vendors will absolutely 100% sell out, so arrive early to get your nosh on! Don't say we didn't warn ya'!

How many vendors will you have?

Vegan Street Fair & VSF Nights: About 200 Vegan Exchange: 8-40

Will there be seating?

Yes, all throughout our events.

If I decide against all of your advice to drive to your events, where can I park?

There is public street parking available all around the area. There are also several lots around each location- both paid and free (especially on Sunday)- that might be worth your while. You will be parking at your own risk of course. A few other options include parking just a few miles from the location and catching a ride share or train ride in. No muss, no fuss!

Are your events accessible?

Absolutely. We take care to ensure that our events are 100% accessible. From accessible restrooms and tables, we do our best to create an enviroment that everyone can enjoy. If you'd like to offer suggestions for us to make the event even more accessible, please do not hesitate to email us at info@veganstreetfair.com so we can do right by our guests.

Are there any hotels that are within walking distance?

Your best bets are the Holiday Inn Express North Hollywood (.4 miles away/ 7 minute walk) OR the Lexen (500 ft/ 3 minute walk). Perfection! Alternatively, The Sheraton Universal or the Hilton at Universal Studios are just one stop away on the Metro Red Line.

Is all the food at your events vegan? Even items that say Chicken??

Absolutely! Its just redundant to say Vegan Chicken at a vegan event! All vendors sign waivers stating that there will only be 100% vegan items at our events so we are all free to eat and shop everywhere!

I have a gluten, soy, and/ or nut allergy. How will I know which vendors have options for me?

For Vegan Exchange we recommend contacting vendors directly to ask about their items. For Vegan Street Fair and VSF Nights, menus for each vendor are posted on our website about 2 weeks before the event to ensure that you have a strategy going in so use it wisely.

Will there be refillable water stations at your events?

All of our events have refillable water stations for your reusable water bottles and water for purchase in compostable cups.

Can I put on a Vegan Street Fair?

Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. <3 Vegan Street Fair is a total beast and we absolutely LOVE it! As a brand, we've honed in on the place where such a thing is viable and we've narrowed down to LA where we started this unique vegan foodie extravaganza. So while you can't legally host a Vegan Street Fair brand event, we HIGHLY encourage you to seek out a unique and exciting event that would be suited for your location. We are available for event consultation so feel free to email us at info@veganstreetfair.com if you need some help creating your own brand of exciting vegan events! We need more of them!

Are your events outdoors or indoors?

Outdoors... you know... because of the whole "street" thing. ;) Also... Vegan Exchange is outdoors.

Are the events rain or shine?

Yep! Rain, shine, sleet, hail (for those of you who remember 2015 when it actually HAILED in our very first year!), raining ash (yup... this one also happened to us)... we're ON!

I have some OTHER questions... who can I contact?

Please email us at info@veganstreetfair.com and we'll do our best to respond promptly.

What's the difference between Vegan Street Fair, VSF Nights, & Vegan Exchange? Aren't they the same thing?

Vegan Street Fair is our flapship ANNUAL free entry event that takes place every March in North Hollywood, CA. There are 200 vendors from around the country, over 60,000 attendees, entertainment, games, rides, and activities galore. This event is where vendors from around the country showcase $4 items to the masses. As of 2020, VSF Nights has gone FREE ENTRY and will be just as large and exciting at Vegan Street Fair.... only at night! EXCITING STUFF! Vegan Street Fair twice a year? BOOYAH! Vegan Exchange is a WEEKLY free entry vegan market showcasing local vegan vendors in a farmers market style. This event takes place almost year round in muliple cities.

But I still don't understand why my ESA or therapy dog isn't allowed... I take them everywhere with me!

We get it! This might help...

Is Vegan Exchange year round?

You betcha!

Is Vegan Street Fair happening this year (2021)?

Unfortunately due to COVID 19, we will not be having Vegan Street Fair in 2021. It will return (we hope) on March 26th & 27th, 2022. Additionally, we do hope to see VSF Nights return on October 8th & 9th, 2022. Please check back here for updates as we get closer.