Vegan Street Fair Vendor Application

Vegan Street Fair is a vegan food tasting extravaganza and lifestyle celebration where attendance is free and all food and beverage vendors serve at least 1 $4 or less item for their bite sized portion.  Its the vegan foodie dream- Eat All The Vegan Things!

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NOTE: VSF Nights are curated events that do not have open slots.

We are not accepting any VSF Nights vendors at this time. Thank you!

"I was an exhibitor there and it was my bestselling show of the year, and I have exhibited in many cities at many VegFests around the US this year. 👍 I even toured 9 consecutive weekends. No show was more successful for us than the Vegan Street Fair, and some events we went to were 2-day vegan festivals. So, well done! Amazing event."

- Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

"One of the best festivals we've served!"  -Bees Knees

"Vegan Street Fair is a one of a kind experience both for food vendors and attendees alike. The festival attracts the best talent in vegan cuisine to serve in a fun and comfortable environment. The vendors get the chance to interact with all different kinds of people and attendees get to try many small plates, as is the format of the event. It's a win win win for everyone :)" - Charlie's Brownies

"Great event, with a great turnout! VSF doesn't disappoint!" - Benga Rabbit

"Great NYC vegan event with terrific social media support...huge vegan crowd that we are always looking for at events!" -Kurt Biroc, Freakin' Vegan

Unlike most vegan events, VSF thrives on the creativity of our vendors and their offerings and we encourage our vendors to step outside of their normal menus to create at least one street fair/ carnival style food to wow the crowd.  

Our event last year welcomed 30,000+ attendees and we expect to welcome much more in 2019. Our goal as organizers is to help vegans and non-vegans alike fall in love with your products while helping you make a profit.

We are always searching for the win win for all of us.

NOTE: VSF is NOT a veg fest.

Our industry standard is closer to a Taste of or Bite of event.  

This year, we are accepting food, beverage, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, and other eco-friendly, green, and vegan conscious vendors to our event

(MLM businesses, tarot & palm readers, henna enthusiasts, reiki healers, massage therapists, non-profits are unfortunately excluded from participating).

There are several categories that may be full since we don't want to inundate our attendees with 100 taco vendors.  As such, we are now accepting vendor applications but may let you know in an email that we are full. Keep an eye on your inbox starting in September.  

Food and Beverage vendors MUST HAVE unique items for sale in order to be granted access. For example, cupcakes and cookies or rice and beans alone will not do well at this event.  You have to wow these crowds, so we encourage you to BRING IT.

VSF vendor participation is a first come first served situation, so if you are qualified to register, we recommend sending payment asap so that you secure your spot.  

If spaces are still available in any given category, they will be passed on to the next vendor in the waiting list.

Vendors cannot share a booth.

Each food and beverage vendor will be required to have at least 1 $4 or less bite (or full size portion) and is then free to charge up to $15 for any amount of items they'd like.  This means you can have 1 $4 or less full or bite sized option and nothing else OR 1 $4 or less option and many other higher priced items.  

Whatever makes sense for your bottom line.

All non-food vendors can charge any amount they'd like for their items.

If you are not selling any products (i.e.- collecting emails, sampling products, discussing services) and would like to have a presence at VSF, please contact for sponsorship or brand activation opportunities.

All vendors must accept both cash and credit and will be required to participate BOTH days of VSF LA

FULL REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FEBRUARY 15th, 2020 and any vendor who attempts to submit after that date may not be allowed to join the event. 


We look forward to working with you and welcoming you for the first time or welcoming you back to the VSF family. 

Lastly, if you're interested in joining the vendor updates mailing list for Vegan Street Fair, please do subscribe HERE.  


Saturday & Sunday, March 21st and 22nd, 2020


Chandler Blvd between Vineland Ave and Tujunga Ave

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Vegan Street Fair LA
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